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Are you a makeup noob ? Have no idea what to use and how to use your own makeup stash?

Bring your own makeup and walk away knowing how to create your best look QUICKLY, EASILY AND NATURALLY.

Beauty5Pro's comprehensive 3 hour makeup workshop will help you re-create your makeup routine so that you can look naturally gorgeous everyday without having to spend endless of hours in front of the mirror.

These session are for all ages and great for beginners as well as those looking to upgrade their skills.

Learn how to prepare your skin before your makeup

Learn how to choose and apply makeup suitable for your face shape, age, complexion and personality.

Learn how to apply make-up for two different occasions.

Learn the tricks of the trade to highlight your assets and camouflage any imperfections quickly and effortlessly.

Create a flattering and fresh go-to look to suit you, which can be applied quickly when you’re strapped for time.

Learn how to apply make-up that lasts ALL DAY.

A fun and interactive 3-hour workshop where you can experiment with technique and colour under the expert guidance of a professional makeup artist